Hanging Eyelet Curtains To Improve Your Home

Eyelet curtains hang vertically with soft pleats. They dress up a window and add color to rooms. They are also relatively simple to hang, making them popular choices for simple, but stylish home décor. They are often used in rooms with tall windows, such as bedrooms and living rooms. However, they might also be used with short windows, like those in kitchens and bathrooms.


Eyelets are metal rings in the top of the curtain through which your curtain pole slides. They typically are of metal finishes that go well with the color of the curtain panels of which they are apart. They allow the vertical pleats in a curtain to fall gracefully toward the floor. Some decorators may choose to put curtain rings through the eyelets and hang curtains from them as a decorating twist.


Combine an eyelet curtain of one color with another of a complementary color for a little different style. You can also use panels of the same color. Hanging panels of different colors accentuate the color scheme in a room and add brightness and contrast. If you have a bold decorating style, panels of very different colors may be an excellent option for your rooms. Holdbacks that match the style and tiebacks that complement the colors of your drapery are also important when selecting curtains.

Hanging Procedures

Thread the first eyelet onto the pole from the pole’s right side with the finished side of the curtain facing towards the left. Thread the next eyelet with the finished side of the curtain facing to the right. Continue these two steps until you have threaded each eyelet. You might also thread each eyelet onto the pole simply ensuring that the finished side of the curtain all faces in one direction. This prevents having a twisted panel and needing to rehang the curtain. Return the curtain pole to its mounts or window frame if your pole is tension-mounted. Use tiebacks attached to wall-mounted holdbacks to keep your curtains open if you want to let daylight stream into your room. Simply undo the tiebacks when you are ready to close your curtains.

End Pieces

Note that you may need to unscrew an end cap of a curtain pole before you begin to hang an eyelet panel. You may need a screwdriver to help you remove it, or it may simply require turning the end piece anticlockwise until it comes off the curtain pole.

Eyelet curtains are a nice way to dress up a plain window. They can be hung easily and quickly, with little fuss or trouble. They also allow for various types of decorating styles since you can use different-colored panels in combination or simply use one color. You can also use just one panel instead of using more than one, depending on the width of your windows and your personal preference.