Installing a French Door

Elegant double glass doors leading to perfect back deck.

If you want to enhance the look of your house, getting some French doors could be the perfect solution. They will give you a great view of the scenery without leaving the house. Plus, they add a certain grace to the room and also a lot of light.

The French patio doors are very elegant. The arched top French doors will be a beautifully classic touch inside your home.

But let’s talk now about ways to install them. You should know that these types of doors are paired with some doors with glass panes. Usually, they close towards each other and open outwards.

One of the great benefits of these doors, besides the look, is the fact that they are quite sturdy and resistant.

They are mostly made of glass which means they are lightweight. The French patio doors have been used since the Renaissance period and now they are extremely used in decorating.

Sometimes, installing them can seem tricky and complicated. Sure, it is not a job only for professionals. You can do it too but you need to be a little skillful to accomplish that. You will have to install them from scratch and this means you need to know a lot about doors and tools.

You can look for this information online or simply read the advice we are giving you here:

There are two types of French doors: interior and exterior and they all get installed pretty much the same.

You will need to get shims, screws, measuring tape, silicone caulking, a screwdriver, insulation, some paint, and paintbrushes. The first step you need to do is to measure the opening of the door and then place the order for a door with those exact measurements. Make sure you get the measurements correctly. After the French door gets delivered to you, pull away all the paper and plastic packaging and also any pin that might be on the door.

If there is an old door where the new door is supposed to be, remove it. Make sure to mark the space with a line of caulking on the floor. Then make sure the doors are leveled at the bottom and the top. Place one hinge jam with a screw below the top, at about 6 inches distance. Use shims if you have to.

On a side of the door, above the hinge, put 2 screws. Make sure there are no gaps between the doors. Fix the French door with screws and after that procedure, you can look to see if the doors are opening and closing properly.

If all is good, you can put the door’s hardware. Fill the gap between the house frame and the door with some fiberglass insulation. And in the end, after all this, you will need to put the exterior and interior molding so that there are no air leaks.